Client Testimonials

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After having a number of agents value our house, we felt that Robert Wilson were by far the most knowledgeable agents for our area, the most honest, and by far the most hungry to sell on our behalf.

Stephen Drysdale

2 Ballycairn Court

We decided to put our house on the market with Robert Wilson after being with another agent for nearly 2 years and having very little success.  We were so impressed with his professionalism and advice from the beginning. Our house went on the market - and was agreed within 5 days after a lot of bidding! - which was a great result for us.

Paul McKillop

2 Ballycairn Court

We'd like to thank Robert and the team for all their help and support and would gladly recommend their services to anyone considering selling their property.

Errol Maxwell

2 Ballycairn Court

I recently sold my house through the Robert Wilson and would like to say how impressed I have been with their hard work and diligence on my behalf.

Jane Skilling

2 Ballycairn Court

We had our house on the market with another estate agents for 7 months with very disappointing results, no feedback from viewings, poor communication and to be honest we were so disheartened we wanted to take our house of the market.

But thankfully we got in touch with Robert Wilson who came to our house and gave us hope and honest feedback of what he could do to help sell our house. We had viewings within a week and immediate feedback which was fantastic.

Even over Christmas when everything was quiet we got a phone call with an update of how the market was and what to expect over the next couple of weeks.

Paul Anthony

2 Ballycairn Court

Our house sold in within 6 months and we were able to buy our dream home!!!

Gareth Preston

2 Ballycairn Court

Many thanks once again for all your hard work.

Ruth Hardy

2 Ballycairn Court

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Andrew Malcolm

2 Ballycairn Court